What's been added recently to this website

10 Feb - Derek will be doing an intro on stage - see what to do HERE

10 Feb - Important Sessions to fill, please fill the rooms - see where to be when here

10 Feb - Added info for Directors Sessions to Agenda

07 Feb - Updated Travel Times with more details for Thursday

07 Feb - When to wear my NEW RED SG T-Shirt - added to FAQ

05 Feb - Made many updates throughout the site + added Travel Times and Accommodation pages! - getting excited ;)

09 Jan - FAQ: Added more info for hotel transportation

04 Dec - Agenda: Added the "happy hour" after last day of conference (14th)

28 Nov - Tickets: Added the tickets page

23 Nov - Agenda: Added updated Check-in and Check-out dates

22 Nov - FAQ: updated the Check-in and Check-out dates

22 Nov - Launched Director RSVP Form, see deets in FAQ

22 Nov - FAQ: Link to purchase accommodation (Hotel & Bunk Bed)

08 Nov - Updated FAQ: Added Address for Hotel & Bunk Beds

25 Oct - Keep up to date by reading info in here as it appears each month: http://help.startupgrind.com/category/210-newsletters

24 Oct - Updated FAQ: How will I get around

24 Oct - Added FAQ: Getting Around Easily

24 Oct - Added FAQ: Directions from Airport (SFO) to AC Hotel

24 Oct - Added FAQ: Official Accommodation

24 Oct - Updated ENTIRE Agenda

11 Oct - Added FAQ: "How many tickets do we get?"

20 Sep - Added FAQ: "Can you help me get a VISA to travel to USA?" and "Can I help you sell more tickets?"

29 Aug - Rearrange agenda, Whatsapp contact numbers

28 Aug - Added Agenda & Added FAQ

27 Aug - Created Site