Hi Guys & Gals

We are looking forward to the best part of 2018 - spending 5 amazing days with the best humans on this planet!

On this site you will find all the info you need as a Director attending Global 2018. As we update or make changes to the info on this site we will log them on the "What's New" page.

There are 3 places that you need to go to fully RSVP:

  1. Purchase a conference ticket HERE (more info on this page)
  2. RSVP to the community team with t-shirt size etc HERE
  3. Purchase your Hotel or Bunk Bed HERE (more info in FAQ)

We cannot wait to see you, so please start planning those flights, and telling your partners that you will not be there for Valentines Day - our advice... spoil them a few times before and after ;)

Derek, G, Dimitris, Christie & Jan