Director Pass + Guest Pass Tickets

Each director gets 4 tickets - 1x for director, 1x for co-director, and 2x for VIP guests in community.

There are 3 places that you need to go to fully RSVP:

  1. Purchase a conference ticket HERE (more info below)
  2. RSVP to the community team with t-shirt size etc HERE
  3. Purchase your Hotel or Bunk Bed HERE (more info in FAQ)

Important Information:

  • Must register all Chapter Director Passes + Guest passes by Dec. 31
  • Please do not share the link with your network as restricted number of tickets are reserved for each chapter - tickets registered by unauthorized user are invalid

Recommended Process:

When inviting a VIP guest from your chapter (you get to invite max 2x per chapter), you will need to obtain the following information to purchase the Guest Pass ticket:

First Name*

Last Name*



    • Female
    • Male
    • Other



Job Title*

Phone number*

Street address*


State / Province


Zip / Postal code*

Level of funding*

    • Bootstrapped
    • Under $1M
    • Under $3M
    • $3M - $5M
    • $5M - $25M
    • $25M - $100M
    • $100M+

Number of employees

    • 1-2
    • 3-5
    • 6-10
    • 11-19
    • 20+

How did you hear about this conference?

    • From Startup Grind (newsletter,,
    • From Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
    • From a friend
    • From a (non-Startup Grind) newsletter
    • From Wall Street Journal
    • Other

Please choose "other" and insert your chapter name, so that we know which chapter they are from

If you do not know the information or if it's too personal to ask, then please share the link with them and ask them to purchase the ticket.