Derek's Intro

Derek's Intro

On Tuesday morning Derek will be opening the stage, this year we doing it a bit differently.

  1. Derek will talk about Startup Grind and some details, he will then talk about The VERY FIRST CHAPTER - and bring the person up on stage
  2. He'll then say we grew to 60 chapters - all directors that were part of first 60 - walk onto stage
  3. Then 100 chapters - all directors from first 100 chatpers, to walk onto stage
  4. then 200
  5. then 300
  6. Now 350

The idea is that as he's talking, all the direcgtor will walk onto the stage - all wearing their RED NINTENDO DIRECTORS SHIRTS!!

It will be amazinng, and we'd love to have ALL Directors, Co-directors, Team members + Interns + HQ Team to walk onto stage.

It's Gonna Be HUUUUGE FOLKS ;)