Derek's Intro + Sessions

Please ensure to all be wearing your Red Nintendo Startup Grind tops that you'll get on check-in or on Monday - and then take part in Derek's Intro - see details here

Please make sure that THESE SESSIONS are filled, please go to them and take friends with etc to get the rooms full.

Who is attending Global this year?

We have 150 directors attending this year, and we at HQ are SUPER excited, the full list can be found at this link:

Specific day to wear Startup Grind Tee?

Yes, on Tuesday 13th Feb - You will be receiving a Red Startup Grind T-shirt that's based off of the Nintendo Logo ;)

Therefore everyone you meet with that tee, you know is a Startup Grind Chapter Director!

If you have any old t-shirts from previous year, please wear on the Wednesday.

Can you help me get a VISA to travel to USA?

Yes, please create a copy of the VISA Letter Template and fill in your personal details.

Then, save as PDF and send it to and HQ will process it accordingly.

This is a template that was used multiple times before and seems to be enough for authorities around the world to get your VISA approved. Please don't make any changes unless it's absolutely necessary.

It's Valentines, can I bring my partner?

Yes, but they may not attend Directors Day, and they may not bunk with you in the Hotel

These are the rules:

  • They may join Startup Grind Global Conference
  • They may NOT join Thursday and Friday's Director Days

  • They may stay with you in your own hotel that you organised (See Above to get discounts)
  • They may NOT bunk with you in our sponsored hotel rooms (sorry guys and gals)

How many tickets do we get?

Startup Grind Conference

For the Global Conference in 2018, you get 3 free tickets per chapter in total.

Ticket 1: Is only redeemable for directors and/or co-directors

Ticket 2 and 3: These tickets may be redeemed by your team, your partner or VIP people in your community.

Directors Day

For Directors Day, you get max of 2 tickets per chapter.

It's only for Directors and Co-directors, no team members, partners, or anyone else may redeem these spots. It's an invitation only event and Startup Grind HQ will be sending a form for you to fill in during November 2017 to confirm your attendance.

Can I help you sell more tickets?

Yes, we are so excited to introduce our Startup Grind Global Conference Ambassador Program!

What you get?

- Receive bragging right as the Startup Grind Global Conference Ambassador

- Compete to bring home the "Most Influential Global Conference Ambassador Award"

- Get your Chapter featured with your awesome headshot on our Global Conference Page


- Receive 10% commission (of sold ticket price) for each Global Conference ticket sold

- Additional full-access complimentary passes (1-for-1 sold up to 2 additional passes) for your network

Apply here:

What meals are included?

Lunch at the conference and at Directors Day’s are provided for. Please cater for your own Breakfast in the morning. Some suppers are also catered for, see Agenda (will be updating as we finalise details).

How will I get around?

This year - we have a BUS! (Hotel Option Only)

Staying at the Hotel: We will pick you up, and take you to Conference Venue (13th and 14th Only) - but you will need to find your own way back to the hotel in the evening.

Staying in Bunk Beds: Please use Ubers (Pool together to make cheaper) - the bus WILL NOT pick you up from here

Staying elsewhere: Please use Ubers (Pool together to make cheaper) or CalTrain or buses.

Directions from Airport (SFO) to AC Hotel

Airport Phone: +1 800 435 9736

Hotel direction: 5.2 miles NE

  • Airport shuttle service, scheduled, complimentary
  • Shuttle Phone: +1 650 742 9211

Alternate transportation: Area Shuttle/Taxis Services fee: 28 USD (one way), on request

Getting Around Easily

Before leaving your home, please download Google Maps onto your device and you'll be able to get directions on your phone without cell data. Go here for more details:

By clicking on Google Maps, and choosing train, or buses, you can see how far you are from somewhere, and what the schedules are.

The BART is another system you can use from the airport, and then cross over to Caltrain.

Caltrain Fare Chart

Fare Chart:

Zone Chart:


What should I pack?

Attire is casual, dress comfortably.

Bring a light jacket and an umbrella if you have one.

The average temperatures in this area are High 15C/62F, Low 8C/40F during February.

The most common clothing choice is that of our founder Derek... i.e. Jeans, T-shirt & Funky Sneakers ;)

Contact Information

G, Dimitris, Christie & Jan - will be your go‐to contacts for needs leading up to and on‐site at the event

Need to get hold of us, please use Slack or Whatsapp numbers below:

G: +27 72 312 5612

Dimitris: +30 697 526 4645

Jan: +420 777 763 668

Christie : +1 (480) 221-0614